Terms & Conditions

By taking possession of this website Scriptfirm and confirming order with us, you acknowledge your acceptance of all the below mentioned Terms & conditions. This Service ("Agreement") should apply and represent the Statement of Work(s), task, letter of purpose or whatever other records executed between Scriptfirm and any of its associates.   

SOW (Statement of work) – Offers and its acceptance 

We offer standard Web design and Development services along with software products to our clients. No agreement for the supply of services and software products will come into existence until the company sends an invoice to you for the payment. The receipt equals acceptance by the company of your offer to purchase services and software products from the company and this acceptance of work is a valid contract between you and the company regardless whether you receive the invoice. Scriptfirm has the right to withdraw from the contract at any time prior to acceptance.

Customer’s Accountability

  • You might be in charge of the precision & culmination of the materials
  • Scriptgiant might not be obligated for any postponements coming about because of your inability to satisfy any of your commitments.
  • You recognize that the capacity of Scriptgiant to give the administrations is subordinate upon your full & auspicious co-operation (which you consent to give) and in addition exactness & culmination of the outline details & whatever other data and information gave by you or for the benefit of you.

Intellectual Property rights 

  • You are in charge of all the data gave by you. You will need to get consent for any material content to be consolidated in your site from the important individual or organization if necessary. Scriptfirm won't be considered in charge of data procured from you.  
  • Copyright of the finished web plans, pictures, pages, code and source records made by the Company and some other Intellectual properties have a place with Scriptfirm unless generally consented to before the agreement has begun.
  • Every software products has permit document for every area created with 100% source code.

These Terms of the Agreement concede a non-select restricted permit to the degree that utilization of this site is confined to a solitary organization of yours. You are not allowed to utilize a configuration for more than one site without former composed understanding in between you and the Company.


Payment Terms:

Payment must be made by the customers within 15 days upon receive of an invoice. All the quotations provided by Scriptfirm require a 50% deposit upon acceptance. Scriptfirm will only commence work once the amount is cleared. For any extra cost arising due to payment clearings or transaction charges it is the solely responsibility of the client and will be charged as such. The customer will not be entitled for any service or products in case of delay in the payment for more than 10 days from the final date of installation/date of project/module completion.      

 Payment strategies

  • In circumstances where Customer has not paid, Scriptfirm will quickly suspend all services or its acceptance to offer software products until extraordinary charge is handled effectively and you should at present be at risk to pay for the continuous facilitating expenses. In addition Scriptfirm claim all authority to suspend alternate services until the exceptional obligation is cleared.    
  • In the event of a dispute you shall not keep back the payment. We will scrutinize any issues and refunds where relevant.  Scriptfirm hold backs the right to cease any service or products if the payment schedule is not cleared.   

Cancellation & refunds

Scriptfirm maintains whatever authority is needed to scratch off the services at any given time. If the development and design process has already been in progress, then down-payment will not be refundable. However a partial can be done depending upon the situation. 

Refund policy

  • All services and software products are rendered guaranteeing its quality. We for the most part take forthright and resulting installments. In the event that whenever in the service or product rendering procedure, you are not fulfilled by the nature of work, you may bring it to our attention. We will investigate and decide about the refund.
  • If a client repudiates Scriptfirm terms of service, a refund won't be issued in the occasion of abrogation.       


You hereby recognize and concur that Scriptfirm may end its services or inclusion with you, at any stage or whenever amid the early on and/or arrangement and/or assistance process, by issuing you composed notification.

This Agreement may be ended whenever if:

  • Your site contains any material which is illicit, obscene, and fundamentally harsh or is prone to bring about offense or to harm Scriptfirm notoriety;
  • You commit any material contravene of this agreement.
  • You go into liquidation whether obligatory or deliberate, as a beneficiary or executive named, go into any course of action with your lenders or stop or undermine to stop to trade.
  • You quit paying.      

Adjournment of services 

We claim all authority to suspend all or any of the services that we have given to you, including those that have been as of now paid for ought to any of these terms not be met.    

Charges and Payments

Scriptfirm might issue receipts in respect of the charges & recurrence set out in your proposition archive. The charges payable for the services will, whether repeating or not are situated out in your proposition report.

  • All deposits & advanced payments are non-refundable.  
  • You are resolved to pay us for all charges for services for their full invoicing periods, independent of whether: a) this agreement has been suspended or ended amid such invoicing periods or b) such services have been changed or wiped out amid such invoicing periods.  
  • Additional charges should be payable for out of scope work, that is work not generally explicitly set out in your proposal document.

Discretion and Property rights   

In this Agreement, "Private Information" should mean any specialized or business data, including outsider data, outfitted regarding this Agreement, in whatever unmistakable frame or medium, or revealed by you to Scriptfirm.

  • You will keep the subtle elements of the Agreement and any such data which you may find out about, our business innovation and our customer base, entirely private and concurred not to uncover it to any outsider.
  • Upon end, undoing or termination of this Agreement for any reason endless supply of the unveiling party, all Confidential Information, together with any duplicates of same as may be approved thus, should be returned.      

Limitation of Liability   

  • Scriptfirm might not be subject to you for any misfortune or harm brought on or emerging specifically or by implication out of Scriptfirm services gave under this Agreement.
  • This includes (but is not limited to) any events that including satellite and internet suppliers.   
  • We are at risk to you to cover the agreement and administrations gave are outside our ability to control, for example, our PCs, innovation by and large, telecom hardware to you the length of none of alternate focuses in this agreement are broken by you.    


  • To keep up the quality of our service to our clients we maintain whatever authority is needed to change these terms and conditions and the nature of our services, which we have consented to give to you by issuing you no less than 28 days composed notification.
  • All the notification must be given in writing. Notification to the Customer will be considered truly given if tended to your location as indicated in the understanding or such different address as is prompted by you to Scriptfirm in writing.    


  • If any procurement of the Terms should, in entire or to a limited extent, be resolved to be invalid, unenforceable or void for any reason, such determination might influence just the segment of such procurement dead set to be invalid, unenforceable or void, and might not influence at all.
  • No waiver of any rights Scriptgiant has under this Agreement might be considered from any disappointment by Scriptgiant to uphold any piece of this Agreement.          

Governing Law & Dispute Resolution

  • The signatory to this Agreement warrants that he/she has the authority to commit the Customer to this Term might be represented by and subject to the laws of without respect to its standards concerning clashes of law. Agreement and further affirms that this Agreement is made between two organizations.
  • The parties hereto permanently assent that all disputes which may emerge out of or regarding this Agreement or the Terms should be liable to the elite ward of the courts of Kolkata.